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Malt Couture

Dec 2, 2021

Alex speaks it into existence declaring this to be Michael’s funniest episode. Does Michael deliver or does he make Alex look like a fool? How many knee-slapping punchlines will Michael deliver while drinking barleywine from Kros Strain? Will Michael bust out his best roast jokes when talking about the return of the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer? What zingers will Michael come up with when discussing Topo Chico releasing their hard seltzer in glass bottles? How hard will Michael burn Goose Island when The Malty Boyz™ drink 2013 Bourbon County Barleywine? What comedy will Michael mine out of revealing a deep rooted truth about Stephen’s Bottleshare beer? Ladies and germs, don’t forget to tip the veal and try the waiter!

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