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Malt Couture

Feb 27, 2020

Alex tasks Michael and Stephen to bring in beers from breweries that haven't been featured on the show yet, do they make new brewery friends or are they forced on a play date they didn't ask for? Plus, we follow up on Jester King's goat birthing saga and hard seltzer makes the Beer News again

Feb 20, 2020

Comedian and writer Nick Gligor joins The Malty Boyz™ again after getting his feet wet on a Small Batch where he tried the Goose Island BSBC Vertical Collection ('17, '18. '19). This time he sits down for a 2019 Bourbon County variants cagematch! In the Beer News, a man tries to register beer as his emotional support...

Feb 18, 2020

The Malty Boyz™ head to back to the San Francisco, this time for SF Sketchfest! They discuss where Patreon money really goes and the time Alex was a beer cuck. Stephen celebrates the Lunar New Year to surprising results. Michael does a live beer auction. Alex ticks not one but two beers from the OG White Whale List...

Feb 13, 2020

The czar of Capitola Tim Clifford joins The Malty Boyz™ to talk about what Sante Adairius is up to, the time Alex attempted to bribe his staff with sandwiches, and what happens when you get caught trying to flip a SARA's Cellar club beer. Tim's skate punk credentials are put in the hot seat for a round of Brewer,...

Feb 6, 2020

The Malty Boyz™ turn into Meady Boyz for this very sweet mead episode. We're drinking mead so you don't have to, talkin' 'bout Mead News, and have a very meady Bottleshare. It's all mead all the time! Mead. MEAD. MEEEEEAD!!! #MeadIsLife