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Malt Couture

May 18, 2023

Michael returns to Malt Couture. That's good! Then Alex finds out he has cancer. That's bad. But you can support Alex through the links below. That's good! The Beer News features a story about Founder's second racial discrimination lawsuit. That's bad. But in Wisconsin, they're updating old dumb beer laws. That's good! To allow children to serve alcohol to adults.......... (That's bad.) Can we go listen to the episode now? 

Thanks to Moonlight Brewing Co. for sponsoring this episode! Follow them on Instagram @MoonlightBrewing! Use code DDB15 for 15% off your order. 

There are several ways to help support Alex Kidd and his family during his battle with cancer:

You can donate to his GoFundMe. Thanks Tom Maugeri for setting that up.

If brewers want to get involved there is a "LIFE" Internation Barleywine Collab that Drew Pool of Wren House is putting together. You can click the link to get all the updates about the collab and shared recipe. 

For more info about colon cancer and to help support the fight against it check out the Colon Cancer Foundation.