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Malt Couture

Mar 9, 2023

Don't be like water making its way onto endcaps. Do be assertive, but adjust to the customer's preferences, and you shall find a way onto shelves and into tap lines. If nothing within you stays hazy, outward things will disclose themselves to be bottom fermented. Empty your mind, be untradeable. Overabundant, like water (unless you live in California then, please, conserve water). If you put water into a cup, it becomes a marketing campaign that you get sued by AB InBev for. You put a barrel-aged stout into a bottle and it becomes a bottle that you can flip for expensive expedition gear. You put it in a teapot, well now you have beer in a teapot and that's weird. Now, beer can flow or it can sit in your linen closet until it's past it's prime and no one cares anymore except for people like Alex. Don't be like water, my friend, and drink your beer. 

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