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Malt Couture

Mar 17, 2022

Gather 'round the weather beaten coffee table we found out on the street three years ago, it's time for a classic basement bottle share in mom's basement. This time we're pouring beers from Oozlefinch, Against the Grain Brewery, Blue Moon, and North Park Beer Co. Mom! WHERE'S THAT DEEP DISH PIZZA? MOM! MOOOOM!!!! No, I told you, just give me a Visa gift card for my 37th birthday and keep me on the family phone plan! Yes, this is my best friend. No, we know each other from the internet. 3 months ago. Yes, we're drinking beer. It looks like that because it's expensive. No, you can't have any. Yes, we're going to drink all of them. Don't come back down until the deep dish pizza is ready!

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