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Malt Couture

Apr 8, 2021

Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, Agent 47 from the video game Hitman, what do they all have in common? They're all bald. In this batch, the Malty Boyz™ take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd. and go literally inside the actors studio to see what drives these chrome domed characters. In the Beer News, Playstation releases a beer brewing game that no one has been asking for, Worst Beer Blog calls it a career, and a new community brewing project aims to smash the stigma around talking about mental health with Things We Don't Say IPA. The Boyz then rank April Fools posts from across the beer realm. We also get a visit from some cripsy boiz, Alex brings in a Half Acre beer tearing up the secondary market, Michael brings in a brewed beverage that isn't beer, and Stephen becomes the new Michael.

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